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Asia Franklin

Clinic Admin Assistant


I was born and raised here in Minnesota! I am currently a psychology major and also actively pursuing a yoga license; hopefully I will be able to combine and utilize this education in the future, as my current vision is to specialize in recreational therapy. My passion stems from my own personal experiences as a black individual who has been significantly impacted by trauma and mental illness, and due to the struggles I was faced with in the process of seeking treatment for it. It is significant for BIPOC representation in medical, specifically mental health, for patient accessibility to providers that can understand the cultural barriers within receiving a diagnosis and accessing treatment. I absolutely support the belief that having BIPOC provider representation is key to dismantling the stigma that is surrounded by mental illness and treatment in BIPOC communities. It is significant to create safe spaces where vulnerability is accepted; trauma catches up with you. I take extreme pride in being apart of clinical BIPOC representation as Clinical Administrative Assistant! 

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