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Daniel Adams

Associate Therapist

Daniel on couch.jpg

Growing up in the historic Rondo Community in my youth, I recall trying to figure out how to “fit in,” and found my purpose in mental awareness. During my teen years I was able to work with children and pre-teens in underserved communities, serving as a mentor. I was able to provide a listening ear, a thoughtful heart and a safe space for them to FEEL their feelings.


I have worked in the mental health field as for several years. I have worked as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) working with foster kids. During my time working with foster kids, I gained more insight into my passion - adolescent mental health. As I continued to follow my passion I was connected with at risk homeless youth and pregnant at-risk youth. I continued my education becoming a Mental Health Practitioner and Doula. I have provided birthing services along with ARMH’s (Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services). I find joy serving in underserved communities, diving into ways to heal, grow and foster acceptance. I hope to provide my service and experience to all - leaving a lasting impression on everyone I encounter.


“How can I help.”

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